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On one level, the word transpositions connotes our goal to create conversations between Christian theology and the arts. Just like a musician might transpose from the key of B flat Major to C Major in order to create beautiful music with other instruments, we desire to transpose from the mode of theology to the arts and from the arts to theology in order to create meaningful resonances. Transpositions also brings to mind placing images and ideas of varying opacity over one another so that from particular points of view they appear to blend without distinction, creating a new form of beauty. On yet another level, transpositions suggests the nature of both art and theology as a transposition of divine reality into earthly form.

Jonathan Homrighausen
Dec 21 2018, 13:41

[Editor’s Note: Our series on The Saint John’s Bible nears its end with the final of three Visio Divina Advent reflections on illuminations at the...

The post Glory to God in the Highest! An Advent Reflection on the Nativity in ‘The Saint John’s Bible’ appeared first on Transpositions.

Joel Mayward
Dec 17 2018, 15:28

The traditional popular Christmas film is typically full of holiday joy and good cheer, as exemplified by enduring classics like the musical White Christmas,...

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Emilie Grosvenor
Dec 14 2018, 15:56

[Editor’s Note: We continue our series on The Saint John’s Bible with the second of three visio divina Advent reflections on illuminations at the beginning...

The post A Tree of Light and Remembrance: A Menorah for Christmas (Matthew 1:1-17) appeared first on Transpositions.

Erik Eklund
Dec 08 2018, 17:43

‘I used to be a little conjuror when I was a boy. I loved doing simple tricks—turning water into wine, that kind of thing;...

The post ‘The Gods are Here, Invisible, Mischievous, and Meddling’: Vladimir Nabokov and the Presence of God in John 19 appeared first on Transpositions.

Nayeli Riano
Dec 08 2018, 16:32

After last week looking at the importance of the city in T. S. Eliot’s poetry, we now turn to the rural context. Eliot’s final...

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