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On one level, the word transpositions connotes our goal to create conversations between Christian theology and the arts. Just like a musician might transpose from the key of B flat Major to C Major in order to create beautiful music with other instruments, we desire to transpose from the mode of theology to the arts and from the arts to theology in order to create meaningful resonances. Transpositions also brings to mind placing images and ideas of varying opacity over one another so that from particular points of view they appear to blend without distinction, creating a new form of beauty. On yet another level, transpositions suggests the nature of both art and theology as a transposition of divine reality into earthly form.

Dan Drage
Jun 26 2020, 14:05

Editor’s Note: Dan Drage also interviewed Aaron Rosen, one of the curators of the Home Alone Together exhibition, about the origins and goals of...

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Dan Drage
Jun 26 2020, 14:05

Editor’s note: In addition to interviewing Aaron Rosen, Dan Drage also reviewed the Home Alone Together exhibition hosted by Image. You may find his review here. Although...

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Austin Moyers
Jun 22 2020, 18:02

In a novel tasked with depicting the ‘positively good man’, it is significant that the majority of characters who are characterized as ‘good’ in...

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Sarah Moffit
Jun 16 2020, 15:23

Dostoevsky offers many interesting theological threads to follow in The Idiot, and, for me, amid all of its chaotic conversations I found a compelling...

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Aaron Schepps
Jun 12 2020, 15:50

I.  Henri de Lubac observes that ‘Dostoevsky’s books abound in atheists’. [1] The novelist explores the ‘psychology of unbelief’ by making many of his...

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