Thoughts - Rarely original, often passionate

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Thoughts - Rarely original, often passionate

I'm currently working in Sheffield for a wonderful IT support firm, but really I'm exploring the relationship between the Sacred and the Digital all for a PhD I'll be starting at some point soon, hopefully. Until then, you can read my thoughts. Nothing spectacular, just thoughts.

Oct 01 2012, 14:18

Having grown up going to large Christian conferences, conventions, and festivals, I am well versed in 'calling on the Lord' for Revival.

This often takes the form of prayer and intercession asking God to come and move through our nation, and then some waiting, and then we basically say "Oo, well let's see what happens next."

This seems slightly peculiar.

Do revivals really come about by...

Apr 20 2012, 14:14

As I was wandering into work this morning I was thinking about how important relevancy is to the church in this day and age and how that relates to fresh expressions.

From my perspective the church struggles with trying to be relevant to the contemporary culture that it is in, and that is for many reasons:

·         Because of its heritage the church is slower to change than the cultural...

Mar 02 2012, 11:33

I can't lie, I'm a big Martin Smith and Delirious fan.

And so, this blog is biased towards stuff that he/they do.


Having said that, anyone reading this should listen to God's Great Dancefloor, which is Martin Smith's new ep. Only £5, download it from It's really good.

Honesty has always been central to worship, without it, worship doesn't really work. This is an honest...

Feb 24 2012, 15:43

What I'm about to say is hardly orginal, in fact it's the sort of thing that people have been talking about for a long, long time.

So if you're looking for original thoughts, then please look elsewhere.


Fresh Expressions. It's a phrase that gives a church brownie points.

Now that might be seen as a cynical statement, but really let's look at it. The term is being heavily overused in...