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The blog of The Philo Trust. The Philo Trust is a registered charity, committed to communicating the relevance of the Christian faith. Its director is J.John, a Christian speaker and writer. Many people's understanding of Christianity is a misunderstanding. It is the commitment of the Philo Trust to show how faith in Jesus Christ is not only reasonable, but relevant and vitally important. J.John travels extensively in Britain and around the world, teaching the Christian faith, addressing over 300,000 people in person each year, and many more through TV, radio, books, CDs and DVDs.

Sep 02 2014, 08:23


The Persecution of Christians

It is becoming apparent that far from dwelling at the ‘end of history’, as was naively envisaged at the fall of Communism, we are, in fact, living in perplexing, turbulent and dangerous days. One of the most troubling, if overlooked, features of our times is the appalling extent and depth of the persecution of Christians. Thirty years ago when we...
Aug 26 2014, 15:28


Some Unusual Advice to the Media

I had been pondering how the media – and the BBC in particular – treat Christianity both in this country and worldwide and shortly afterwards a slightly bizarre question came to me: How would the devil use the media to undermine the Christian faith? Then, rather in the manner of C. S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters I found myself imagining the following...
Aug 04 2014, 15:03


Taking sides in Israel and Gaza

I have visited and ministered in Israel and Gaza so I have a deep empathy and compassion for both sides.

As I started to write this I realised that in using the very idea of ‘sides’ I was falling into a trap. Isn’t it true that from our earliest years we feel obliged to choose a side: what group to join at school, which football team to support, what...
Jul 08 2014, 10:20


Vincent Van Gogh

What do you think of when I mention Vincent Van Gogh? Until recently, what I knew about Van Gogh was limited to four things: only one of his paintings had sold during his lifetime; he cut off his ear; Don McLean recorded a tribute to him, ‘Vincent’, in the 1970s, which began, ‘Starry, starry night’; and a museum (the Getty) had purchased his painting ‘Irises’...
May 01 2014, 03:59


Lest We Forget

There is something terribly compelling about the First World War. Like some ghastly pile-up on the motorway, you can’t help but stare at the horror. There is the overwhelming scale of the destruction: ten million people were killed. There is also the sheer density of the war: most of the slaughter occurred along a battle line that moved barely miles in four long years.