The Filling Station

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The Filling Station

Filling Station is a contemporary vehicle for bringing Christian renewal and evangelism to the UK. Our Biblical mandate is from Psalm 114: 8 ‘Who turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water.’ We see the ‘pools’ described here as places of deep spiritual refreshment for the existing church bringing water into the hard dry areas. The ‘hard rock into springs of water’ represents the new spiritual life that occurs through evangelism. The Filling Station is a resource organisation that wants to help you bring renewal and appropriate evangelism to your area.

North Shropshire & Borders
May 20 2019, 10:35
Check out this video about walking some of the Shropshire Way as part of “Thy KINGDOM COME 2019”  
May 19 2019, 22:23
We’re now under a week to go until the launch of our Spey Valley Filling Station! We are thrilled to have this endorsement from Sandy Millar…  “There is a new urgency felt all over Scotland for fresh opportunities of presenting Christ to a new generation and a new Filling Station starting in the Spey Valley…
South Wiltshire
May 19 2019, 21:11
The South Wiltshire Filling Station meets again next Wednesday 22 May at the Radnor Hall, Bodenham, SP5 4EX.  Doors open as usual at 7.30 and we will be finished by 9.30. Our Speaker is Revd Canon Nigel Rawlinson. Nigel is a priest and doctor – and worked in self-supporting ministry until 2016.  He was a doctor in…
South Wiltshire
May 19 2019, 21:02
Many thanks to Paul Bradbury for his talk at the Filling Station this month.  Looking at Ezekiel 37, 1-14, we saw what Ezekiel’s experiences in the valley of dry bones can teach us about potential patterns of renewal in the church and for individuals.  Paul described how our reaction to disorientation and loss can enable…
May 19 2019, 18:33
The next meeting is on Tuesday 21st May 2019 in The King Arthur Hotel

Contact: Richard Fothergill
Tel: 01225 832806