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Lucy and the Lamp
Nov 06 2013, 10:01

When in Az

Nov 02 2013, 20:42

                                                                 Papermache Chair

Jun 24 2013, 17:12

                                                              Written 3 February, 2013


Burundi Overview

Burundi is a small country in Central Africa that’s shaped like a heart. Not the kind of heart you doodle on a page, but the kind of heart that thumps in your chest. This startlingly beautiful country has had at least 300 000 lives stolen by genocide: some...

Jun 22 2013, 16:05

These shots are all taken in Georgia, the most beautiful country. The top image is typical of the Svaneti region in the north: the defensive stone towers were designed to protect villagers at times of invasion, and still puncture the sky lines of the towns and villages today. 

We flew back from the mountains to Tbilisi…the landscapes are all taken through the window of the little...

Jun 22 2013, 15:56