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Into Thy Word

‘Into Thy Word Ministries’ purpose is promoting discipleship, showing the ‘Way’ to be surrendered and poured out before the Lord.

Mar 17 2014, 04:00
Session 36: Jonah, Micah, and Nahum
Jun 01 2012, 05:00
Why we are called to be A Shepherd? Do you know where you are going? Do you have not just the vision, but the true Truth of His call and Way? We have to know where the well is before leading others to it! Christ and His precepts are the well, and we follow the path by example, nurture and service with faith, fruit, character and maturity so others can partake of His wonders. We have to...
Apr 11 2011, 05:00
Jesus Appears to Seven!
Sep 15 2008, 05:00
The Lord's Triumph!
Oct 31 2007, 04:00
If you are a pastor you must ask yourself this question, am I running on fumes, is my tank empty? I found several diseases among pastors and Christian workers that I have worked with and observed over the years; and each disease I have personally felt when I have gone unchecked.

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