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Desiring God

Desiring God exists to say... God's ultimate goal is to glorify himself. And that's good news. Everything we do aims to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. Learn how we accomplish that, and how you can join us in the mission.

David Mathis
Jul 18 2019, 01:02
Pride Disqualifies a Pastor

Few things poison the church, and sully her reputation in the world, like arrogant pastors. Manifest arrogance in politicians, lamentable as it is, we might expect. But arrogance in the pulpit — this is a great blight on the church and in the community where she is to shine her light.

It’s not as though the New Testament didn’t foresee the danger, or that somehow this is a recent...

John Piper
Jul 17 2019, 15:09
How Do I Live Like a Son Rather Than a Slave?

God has called us sons and daughters, but his people sometimes talk as if we were still slaves. What does it mean to talk like children of God?

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Scott Hubbard
Jul 17 2019, 01:02
God Will Daily Bear You Up

Our worst days have a way of making the future feel impossible.

Perhaps we wake up to a depression that makes our chest cave in. Or a relationship on the verge of collapse. Or pain in our bones that makes the smallest focus a feat. The thought of enduring for a lifetime, or even another week, can send us searching for an escape.

We do not, however, need to know on our worst days how...

John Piper
Jul 16 2019, 14:02

We cannot respond however we want when we suffer. Though we can grieve and mourn, if we never get to worship, we’ve stopped short.

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Jon Bloom
Jul 16 2019, 01:02
When Your Worst Storm Comes

On July 16, 1999, twenty years ago today, John F. Kennedy Jr’s single-engine Piper Saratoga crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, killing John (38), his wife Carolyn (33), and Carolyn’s sister, Lauren (34). All investigations into the cause of the crash point to a phenomenon called “spatial disorientation.”

Spatial disorientation occurs when a...

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