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Desiring God

Desiring God exists to say... God's ultimate goal is to glorify himself. And that's good news. Everything we do aims to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. Learn how we accomplish that, and how you can join us in the mission.

Tony Reinke
Jun 05 2017, 01:01
Prisoners of Self

The man doting over a smartphone screen, scrolling through media with his fingertips, is like a gorilla meticulously picking out little bugs from his own hair.

That was the subversive quip of anthropologist Thomas de Zengotita. For both the screen addict and the gorilla, neck-down focus is the attentive posture of self-image grooming.

The association here is funny (and not funny),...

John Piper
Jun 05 2017, 01:00
How Do I Escape Regret over Hurt I’ve Caused?

Don’t be paralyzed by feelings of regret. Rather let those very feelings empower you with a sense of greater grace, gratitude, and joy in God’s grace.

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John Piper
Jun 04 2017, 01:03
Whom Does God Worship on Sunday?

Before C.S. Lewis was a Christian, God’s demand for worship was a great obstacle to his faith. He said it seemed to him like “a vain woman who wants compliments.” But then as he discovered the nature of worship, the question about God’s seeming vanity (or megalomania) was also answered. He wrote,

The most obvious fact about praise — whether of God or anything — strangely...

John Piper
Jun 03 2017, 15:00
God Seeks People to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth

God wants us to worship him in both spirit and truth. He desires our hearts and our heads.

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Greg Morse
Jun 03 2017, 01:03
Dump Your Dream Girl

Have you heard the myth of the guy who fell in love with his own statue?

As his marble goddess glistened in the sunlight, Pygmalion smiled.

Both stood speechless. Unlike the rabble he found littering the streets, here was a beauty worth admiring. After months of chiseling, carving, and crafting, there she stood: his idol, his beauty, his beloved.

He named her Galatea.

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