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Dean Roberts

Dean is a keen worship leader, blog writer, aspiring theologian and Vicar-to-be who has a passion for Jesus and looks forward to what God has in store for his life.

Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts
May 22 2019, 21:20

Tomorrow, the British public will travel to their polling stations to vote in the European elections. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that we are living through an unstable, unsettling and polarised political climate here in the UK, which has...

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Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts
Sep 08 2018, 21:45

Since the beginning of the summer, my Training Incumbent has been on leave due to illness. Because of that, I’ve found myself holding the fort for the six churches (four parishes) we run in this small corner of Wales. It’s...

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Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts
Jul 05 2018, 17:06

Last Saturday (30th June 2018), in the scorching sun, and donned in my cassock, surplice and stole, I blessed the beer, the public house and the villagers of Michaelston-y-Fedw in what has become a revived tradition which dates back to...

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Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts
Jun 16 2018, 11:53

In October 1943, following the destruction of the Commons Chamber by bombing during the Blitz, there was a debate over how the chamber should be rebuilt. With Winston Churchill’s approval, they agreed to retain its adversarial rectangular pattern, where the...

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Rev. Dean Aaron Roberts
May 31 2018, 09:31

I don’t think I’m the only one who thought that Soul Survivor would never come to an end. That has now changed. After the announcement was made, many people flocked online to make their tributes and share their testimonies about how...

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