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Apologetics UK is a group of Christians here in the UK dedicated to sharing our faith in Jesus Christ by engaging others on a wide range of subjects related to Apologetic and Theological matters. Our goal is to demonstrate that the Christian faith is rooted in sound evidence and reason. We also seek to encourage other Christians here in the UK to be good ambassadors (2 Cor 5:20) and challenge them to present the Gospel persuasively, passionately and gracefully. For various reasons as a group we have been encouraged as Christians or persuaded as sceptics that other world-views fall short and that the Christian world-view is persuasive and both intellectually and emotionally satisfying.

Matthew Gotham
Apr 02 2015, 18:18
C.S. Lewis’ excellent book The Screwtape Letters is a story in which a senior demon (Screwtape) gives advice to a junior demon (Wormwood) about how to stop someone (the ‘patient’) becoming a Christian or living a faithful Christian life. One of the first pieces of advice that Screwtape gives is not to even argue that Christianity is false unless he absolutely has to:
By the very act of...

Mar 21 2015, 21:29
I love Church history, particularly the first three centuries. One of my heroes is Tertullian. Hailing from what is today Tunisia ( at that time and for centuries after, the area was a hotbed of Christian theology). He wasn't perfect and some quotes of his I truly would not want to agree with. However, he was the sharpest mind of his generation, a robust Latin speaking lawyer, mixing it with...

Jonathan McLatchie
Mar 20 2015, 10:33
This morning I published a guest article at the Premier Christianity blog (associated with the UK’s Premier Christian Radio). In it, I elaborate on solar eclipses as part of a cumulative body of data suggestive that our Universe is designed for intelligent life.
Today, the Arctic and Northern Europe, including the UK, will witness a total solar eclipse, representing the first total solar...