Frequently Asked Questions

Every week, in hundreds of churches and Christian organisations across the UK, leaders and congregations wrestle with the bible to determine both its meaning and application for our lives today. This website aims to bring together this material - both in written and spoken word - in a way that is structured and easily accessible.

What is Bible Reflections?

A website that compiles together audio sermons, written articles, bible studies, words of wisdom and statistics. There's a christian TV Guide and events listing. You can even buy books. What's more, if you register you can not only comment on material and engage in discussion with fellow users but you'll also receive a regular email detailing what to look out for on the site.

What does Bible Reflections do?

Makes available written and spoken material that is biblical based in a way that is structured and easily accessible.

Who is Bible Reflections for?

Anyone, anywhere who is looking for what the bible has to say on a particular subject.

What is available on Bible Reflections?

A growing library of resources aimed to facilitate and promote biblical understanding.

How much does Bible Reflections cost?

Absolutely nothing!

Who contributes to Bible Reflections?

A growing number of organisations and individuals, predominately UK based, who have a passion to see the bible engaged with and better understood.

Who can access Bible Reflections?

Anyone who can access the Internet can access Bible-Reflections.

How much content is available?

A vast amount of material is currently available with more material being added regularly.

At what rate is the content made available?

Content is added through out the week.

How can I access Bible Reflections?

Sign up at, join the facebook page, follow the twitter or RSS feed.

What does Bible Reflections encourage/promote?

Promotes the sharing, study and discourse of theological understanding and encourages a biblical approach to culture today.

For more information please also see the interview with the founder, Chris May, on Springboard Bath.