Nicky and Sila Lee

Nicky and Sila Lee

Nicky and Sila Lee have been on the staff of an Anglican church in central London, Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), since 1985. Previously Nicky studied English Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge (1973 - 1976). He then taught English in London and in Nagoya, Japan (1977-1982). Sila studied Fine Art at Camberwell Art College from 1974 - 1977. Nicky and Sila married in 1976 and had their first child in 1980. In 1985, having studied theology in Durham to train for ordination, Nicky was appointed curate to Sandy Millar at HTB where he and Sila ran the Alpha Course and started The Marriage Preparation Course, a five week course for engaged couples preparing for marriage. In 1996 they started The Marriage Course, an eight week course designed to help married couples build a healthy marriage that will last a lifetime.Over 4500 couples have completed these courses at HTB. The Marriage Book, based on The Marriage Course and The Marriage Preparation Course, was published in August 2000 and has sold over 100,000 copies. The Marriage Course was released on video in 2002 with a leaders' guide and guest manual. The course is now being run in over 1700 locations inthe UK and abroad. The Marriage Preparation Course was published on DVD in 2004 with a guest manual and leaders' and support couples' guide.The Marriage Conference, designed to equip couples to run The Marriage Course and The Marriage Preparation Course, is held twice a year at HTB and increasingly in other venues in the UK and around the world. Nicky Lee was appointed associate vicar in July 2007 by Nicky Gumbel Nicky and Sila also run The Parenting Course (for parents with children aged 0-12) and The Parenting Teenagers Course (for parents with teenage children). They are currently writing The Parenting Book, based on these two courses, and, in response to demand from other churches, they plan to publish them with manuals and DVDs. Nicky and Sila live in central London and have four children, Kirsty, Benj, Barny and Josh.

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