Peace is the substance of heaven's atmosphere

Bill Johnson

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The Power Of Angels

The Power Of Angels

Wayne Grudem

Angels apparently have very great power: They are called 'you mighty ones who do his word' (Psalm 103:20) and 'powers' (Ephesians 1:21) and 'dominions' and 'authorities' (Colossians 1:16). Angels are seemingly 'greater in might and power' than rebellious human beings (2 Peter 2:11; Matthew 28:2). At least for the time of their earthl...

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Galileo Speaks To The Church Today: Are We Listening?

Galileo Speaks To The Church Today: Are We Listening?

Mark Nigro

If the Christian community should learn anything from those unpleasant truths of church history, it is the need to look before it leaps and listen before it speaks. If we are wise, sincere and carry an ounce of humility, we’ll assess our own fallibility and

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The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain

C.S Lewis

Beutifully repackaged as part of the C.S. Lewis Signature Classic Range, Lewis addresses the question which tortures every generation -- Why must we suffer? For centuries people have been tormented by one question above all -- 'If God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow his creatures to suffer pain?' And what of the suffering of ...

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