One sixth of the world's population - more than 1.18bn people - are Catholic.

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True Worship

True Worship

Graham Kendrick

The origin in English of the word ‘worship’ is ‘worth-ship’, which expresses the value placed on someone or something. The true quality and depth of our love for God will to a very great degree be evidenced by the quality and depth of our worship. When we value somebody, we do things to demonstrate that love; we put our th...

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Was Jesus Jewish or Christian?

Was Jesus Jewish or Christian?

Joel Mennie

Jesus was born to Jewish parents, lived in a Jewish culture, ate as a Jew, read and taught in the synagogue like a Jew, and was called 'rabbi' by some of his followers. So did this make Jesus a Jew?  Jesus was sent by His heavenly Father to the wo

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A New History of Early Christianity (Hardcover)

A New History of Early Christianity (Hardcover)

Charles Freeman

The relevance of Christianity is as hotly contested today as it has ever been. 'A New History of Early Christianity' shows how our current debates are rooted in the many controversies surrounding the birth of the religion and the earliest attempts to resolve them. Charles Freeman's meticulous historical account of Christianity from i...

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