If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever

St Thomas Aquinas

Words of Wisdom

Theology Goes Postmodern

The end of modernity, which is not yet accomplished, yet continues to arrive, means the end of a single system of truth based on universal reason, which tells us what reality is like. With this ending, there ends also the modern predicament of theology. It no longer has to measure up to accepted secular standards of scientific truth or normative rationality.

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The Six Stages of Faith

The Six Stages of Faith

Jacqui Catcheside

Questioning? Wrestling with doubts? Feeling confused? The following chart may put things into perspective. It is a very helpful resource from Martin Scott outlining the stages of faith and doubt suggested by people like Reverend James Fowler and other research

Approaches to the Bible (Questionnaire)

Approaches to the Bible (Questionnaire)

Dan Boyle

What do you believe? Here is an interesting survey (posted below) that is looking at how we view our approaches to the Bible. The author of the study asks users to help by answering questions such as: 'How do you think m



An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture

An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture

Walter Brueggemann

Our seduction into beliefs in competition, scarcity, and acquisition are producing too many casualties. We need to depart a kingdom that creates isolation, polarized debate, an exhausted planet, and violence that comes with the will to empire.